Natalie + Brian : Engagement photos in Benton

What troopers these two were!  After a beautiful and sunny day ALL DAY, raindrops started falling as soon as they arrived at Stearman Field in Benton for their engagement session.  In spite of the rain, we were still able to get some adorable shots of the two of them.  Did I mention that Brian and Natalie had their first date at the airport’s restaurant?  It was way cute to see them at the same place they started falling in love.  Enjoy these photos; I’m really pleased with them!

Britt Bradley Photography - Engagement photos in Benton, KS BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-12_WEB Britt Bradley Photography - Engagement photos in Benton, KS BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-16_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-18_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-39_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-41_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-49_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-56_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-61_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-65_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-71_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-72_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-79_WEB


Victoria + Tim : Anniversary photos in Wichita

Tim and Victoria just celebrated their first year together as a married couple.  These two love the outdoors, so of course we had to take advantage of the fabulous fall color!   Just as the sun was setting a couple of weeks ago, we grabbed a few photos of them being sweet on each other.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

TVFleming2013-BB-8276_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8281_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8290_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8293_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8323_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8333_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8354_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8359_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8366_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8387_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8403_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8418_WEB-copy