Jamie + John + Malachi + Peyton : Family photos in Wichita

What a fun family this is!  Jamie and I have been friends since first grade, and it’s so much fun to see her kids at about the age she and I were when we met.  Enjoy some of the photos we got before the last of the fall color disappeared!PuigFamily-2013-BB_10_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_15_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_18_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_22_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_23_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_31_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_35_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_37_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_39_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_43_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_45_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_56_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_64_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_70_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_73_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_76_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_80_WEB PuigFamily-2013-BB_90_WEB


One thought on “Jamie + John + Malachi + Peyton : Family photos in Wichita

  1. Jamie says:

    We had an amazing experience and the photos were phenomenal!! Britt was great with the kids, especially when they started to get a little cranky. LOVE LOVE LOVE the end result.

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