Victoria + Tim : Anniversary photos in Wichita

Tim and Victoria just celebrated their first year together as a married couple.  These two love the outdoors, so of course we had to take advantage of the fabulous fall color!   Just as the sun was setting a couple of weeks ago, we grabbed a few photos of them being sweet on each other.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

TVFleming2013-BB-8276_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8281_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8290_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8293_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8323_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8333_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8354_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8359_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8366_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8387_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8403_WEB TVFleming2013-BB-8418_WEB-copy


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