Abigail + Dillen : Wedding photos in Arkansas City

Abby & Dillen are so sweet together.  They’re best friends, and it shows in the way they look at each other and the way they treat one another.  I was so happy to be at their  rustic & romantic  outdoor wedding and help take photos!

Also, for anyone who thought pink hair couldn’t be the sweetest and most romantic look for a bride, be prepared to have your mind completely blown!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-18_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-20_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-24_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-29_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-31_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-34_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-38_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-41_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-50_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-56_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-63_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-64_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-72_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-76_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-94_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-100_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-164_WEB