Bonita + Tre : Family photos in Wichita

I had the privilege of taking photos with Bonita and her son Tre two weeks ago, and am so excited to show you a few of the shots we took.  They were a fun crew!

Bonita+Tre Wichita family photography 2014 - 1

But I have to say, their dog Hennessy was the star of the park; people kept walking by and saying what a beautiful boxer she is!  I have to say, I agree!


Ah, that light!

Bonita+Tre Wichita family photography 2014 - 4

I hope you can tell what a fun family this is.  I just had to throw in that photo in the lower left! Yes, I got one of them smiling nicely, but I think this one shows their personalities a bit more.  😉

Bonita+Tre Wichita family photography 2014 - 5

This is my favorite photo from the whole session.  This is, I think, the photo from this session that is most likely to be shown around their family in 20 or 30 years.  Tre’s wife will giggle at how young and cute he is, his kids will exclaim how beautiful their grandma is, and everyone will see how much they love each other.  And love, my friends, is timeless!

Bonita+Tre Wichita family photography 2014 - 6

Ahhh…  Does that photo just make you want to go hug on those you love, or what?  Go do it!  Have a great weekend, all!


Welcome! So…many…emotions!

Wow!!  I’ve gotten such amazing feedback after posting this website on Facebook.  Thank you so much for making your way over to check it out, and thank you to everyone who has shared the link online!

If you’re interested in following my Facebook page, you can do that here: Britt Bradley Photography.  I’ll be posting sneak peeks there before full blog posts on this site.

A million thanks to you all!  I’m excited to further delve into my love of photography.  *muah!*

Natalie + Brian : Engagement photos in Benton

What troopers these two were!  After a beautiful and sunny day ALL DAY, raindrops started falling as soon as they arrived at Stearman Field in Benton for their engagement session.  In spite of the rain, we were still able to get some adorable shots of the two of them.  Did I mention that Brian and Natalie had their first date at the airport’s restaurant?  It was way cute to see them at the same place they started falling in love.  Enjoy these photos; I’m really pleased with them!

Britt Bradley Photography - Engagement photos in Benton, KS BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-12_WEB Britt Bradley Photography - Engagement photos in Benton, KS BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-16_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-18_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-39_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-41_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-49_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-56_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-61_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-65_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-71_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-72_WEB BrianNatalieEngagement3-15-14BB-79_WEB

Nicholas P : Baptism photos in Stafford

It was so special to help take photos at the baptism of little Nicholas at the beautiful First United Methodist Church in Stafford, Kansas!  The pastor there (Ben, my main man and usual second shooter) is part of a tight-knit group of friends that have made a point of getting together at least once a year since high school.  Ben married Nicholas’s parents a few years ago, and the whole high school gang made the trip to Stafford for his baptism.  That’s friendship, people — they came from Seattle, New York, and Chicago to be a part of this.

NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-8_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-14_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-15_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-18_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-21_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-24_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-29_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-30_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-32_WEBThat’s three generations in the photo below!

NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-34_WEB NicholasPbaptism12-29-13BB-37_WEB What a sweetie!  Love you guys!

Tayla T : One-year photos in Wichita

Oh my goodness, could little miss Tayla be any more adorable??  Her mom and dad wanted some photos to celebrate her upcoming first birthday, and I was happy to oblige!  She was a little cranky and confused by the fake snow, but eventually we got that beautiful smile to come out.  (And no, we didn’t let her eat any of the snow or ornaments!)  I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the whole family at the very end of the session.  Congratulations on the first year, and may there be many more happy years to come!Tayla-11.24.13-BB9068b_WEBTayla-11.24.13-BB9018_WEBTayla-11.24.13-BB9081_WEB Tayla-11.24.13-BB9093b_WEB Tayla-11.24.13-BB9100b_WEB Tayla-11.24.13-BB9512-Edit_WEB Tayla-11.24.13-BB9529-Edit_WEB Tayla-11.24.13-BB9535-Edit_WEB Tayla-11.24.13-BB9589-Edit_WEB

Abigail + Dillen : Wedding photos in Arkansas City

Abby & Dillen are so sweet together.  They’re best friends, and it shows in the way they look at each other and the way they treat one another.  I was so happy to be at their  rustic & romantic  outdoor wedding and help take photos!

Also, for anyone who thought pink hair couldn’t be the sweetest and most romantic look for a bride, be prepared to have your mind completely blown!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-18_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-20_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-24_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-29_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-31_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-34_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-38_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-41_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-50_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-56_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-63_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-64_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-72_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-76_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-94_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-100_WEB Abby-Dillen-wedding-BB-164_WEB